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Our Growth for Good team has more than 100 years of combined experience in supporting organizations as they work to better serve their constituents. Drawing on our individual and shared areas of expertise, we are able to offer what no single staff person can: a full spectrum of integrated nonprofit services including strategic planning, development, marketing, and communications services.

We approach every project, no matter how small, as an opportunity to build organizational strength through the collaborative process. We mobilize our resources to develop and deliver an achievable plan—whether it be overarching, as in a new fundraising strategy, or more tactical, as in grant writing, government relations, communications or creating a website.


Board Development Plans

Unless your board of directors is actively engaged, you will struggle to raise funds. We will evaluate your board of directors—how members interact with staff, how involved members are in fundraising, how they view the organization—and recommend strategies to maximize board effectiveness in the areas of financial management, recruitment, development, human resources, evaluations and marketing.

Board Governance

Effective governance structures, including bylaws, roles and responsibilities, and reporting mechanisms, protect the organization and board members. We will help you draft and/or revise bylaws and board documents tailored to your specific organizational needs and structures.

Competitive Analysis

Before expanding services, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses and where you stand in the marketplace. Through research—internal and external—we will help you evaluate your organization’s existing and potential services to identify core and best practices and explore potential partnerships and revenue streams.

Fundraising Plans

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your fundraising efforts that highlights untapped potential, areas of weakness, sector comparisons and staffing. We will present our findings and recommendations in a diversified, achievable fundraising plan that reflects current market realities and up-to-date fundraising trends.

Strategic and Business Planning

Innovation requires data analysis, clear articulation of vision and purpose, and realistic budgeting. We will help you identify high needs communities and audiences so your organization can meet societal needs. Together, we will evaluate your staff’s skills, existing services and funding resources to determine whether and how to grow. Our expansion plans include reachable goals and benchmarks to measure results.

Interim Executive Leadership

Interim leadership gives an organization’s board and/or human resources team time to conduct a thorough and thoughtful search. We provide skilled, trained interim professionals with solid nonprofit management experience to take the helm and provide temporary executive, development and marketing leadership. In addition to quickly assuming execution of day-to-day activities, we provide objective and strategic organizational consulting that leads to greater long-term sustainability.

Executive Search

Search for GoodSearch for Good, Growth for Good’s partner company comes to you with years of experience in achieving mission goals through great leadership. Growth for Good has established Search for Good because we know that talent moves mission.

Search for Good dives deep into your organization’s history, success, challenges, and current financial position to determine just who you need to accomplish your goals. In looking for the perfect candidate, we leave no stone unturned, advertising broadly. But we understand that those who are the most sought after, are often those who are not looking. Through a structured interviewing protocol each candidate is consistently assessed and deeply vetted. All stakeholders are engaged in the process and the final decision is reached through consensus. We work with you through the negotiation and job offer stages, help craft the announcement and ensure that the candidate gets off to a phenomenal start.  We want this to be a Search for Good.


Campaign Management

We will help you prepare and execute a fundraising, capital, new business or re-branding campaign. In partnership with key stakeholders, we will consult your team through planning and execution, so that growth can build investment, leadership, and organizational capacity.

Case Statements

Through a highly collaborative process, we will work with you to craft this foundational document that is critical to making your case to funders.

Development Coaching

Properly trained, your base of support is also your most effective fundraising team. We will work with board members, staff and key supporters so they can talk up your organization and secure funding from individuals.

Donor Research

We will identify the foundation, government, corporate and individual funders most likely to support your organization, a key step in raising funds.

Government Relations

While highly desirable, government funding can be an elusive source of support for nonprofits. We will build on decades of relationships with decision makers in New York City, New York State and in Washington to raise your profile, establish effective relationships and secure funding for great projects and programs.

Grant Proposals

Foundation support can be a very cost-effective way to raise money, but most nonprofits do not have the capacity or expertise needed to write grants. We can write individual grant proposals or set up a program of grant proposals to diversify your funding base and attract individual support.

Fundraising Events

Although events can be time-consuming to organize, they are a great way to expand your base of donors and build organizational recognition and loyalty. We will help you structure your event to maximize effectiveness.


Communications Audits

We provide a fresh eye and will review and critique your existing communications strategy and marketing materials. Our audits include detailed recommendations on reaching your various audiences effectively and efficiently.

Communications Plans

We will demystify the questions of who, how, when, where and how often you should communicate to your various audiences. Our plans will help you set clear objectives, refine strategies, set priorities and build awareness.

Branding, Marketing & Campaign Materials

Marketing messages are often the first contact people have with your organization. We will articulate your mission and hone your arguments for support for maximum success. We create integrated campaign materials—branding, print, electronic, web-based, interactive, audiovisual, event, advertising—that make people want to know more.


Customized Workshops

Growth for Good provides customized workshops and trainings on a variety of topics related to capacity building, fundraising and marketing. They are designed to be interactive and engaging, and often provide an opportunity for networking and resolving issues that participants have in common. Our workshops strengthen management and fundraising skills, so nonprofit leaders can more effectively serve their mission.

Workshops Topics
  • Recruiting Effective Board Members
  • Building Fundraising Staff & Board Teams with
  • Capital Campaigning After Hurricane Sandy
  • Fundraising 101
  • Fundraising 201
  • Getting Ready for a Capital Campaign
  • Government Relations Primer Course
  • Intro to Board Development
  • Intro to Fundraising Planning
  • Marketing Basics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Turning Corporate Relationships into Partnerships
  • Website Renovations and Rebuilds

Payment Structure

Depending on the services we provide, we will charge a fixed fee, a retainer, a daily rate or even an hourly rate. We discuss the payment plan and submit a proposal for client approval before we begin work.

Fixed Fee

If we are providing a comprehensive fundraising plan or some other short-term project, we most likely will draft a proposal with a fixed fee. Regardless of how many additional hours we devote to the plan, the fee will remain fixed.


For work that is more fluid and ongoing in nature—government relations, for example—a retainer may be the most cost-effective approach.

Hourly Fee

If we are providing leadership coaching or drafting a case statement, we may quote an hourly fee and the estimated number of hours with the expectation that we may put in ten percent more time than anticipated for no additional charge. If in the course of the project it becomes clear that internal organizational issues on the client’s end will necessitate a significant increase in hours, we will stop and reassess the fee with the client.

Daily Rate

If we are providing staff for event planning, for example, we charge a daily rate.

“They are open to being called-in on various strategic projects and have always provided thoughtful, solution-oriented advice. They bring a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and worked well with our staff and board to create powerful new branding that we will serve us well for many years to come.”

– Adam Weiss, Executive Director, Ramapo for Children

Photo Credit: Paul Temmerman

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